Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Blogworthy Day

You know how I said I couldn't find anything to blog about?? Well, today happened and that quickly changed. The Racer and I took Dirty Job, the Cutie and Skater Tot to the drive thru car wash. I know, I am a barrel of fun. But, the kids wanted to go somewhere and my car desperately needed a wash. So we get there and I don't have any cash. The Racer saved the day with $6. The whole time all three kids are chanting, "Car Wash, Car Wash!" I pop the car in neutral and take my foot off the brake. We are rolling along. We continue to roll all the way through the car wash bay. The Racer and I are both yelling, "Why is it going through? Why isn't it stopping?" The kids are wondering what happens next. Well, we roll out the other side of the car wash and keep on going. Why am I still rolling?? Oh, I actually put it in drive, not neutral. Oops.

The laughing begins from us. The screams come from the back. They are very upset that we didn't do the car wash.

So, I try to high tail it back into the bay so I can get some of that $6. car wash actually on my car. As I am zooming around, another car pulls in front of me and proceeds to watch as our $6 washes the invisible car in the bay. He then puts his money in and is sitting there for a record amount of time. We are looking at the time realizing we have to pick up What Not to Wear from school in 15 minutes and we are still sitting there. And yes, the kids are still yelling in the back about the injustice of it all. Finally the guy in the car in front is waving me on. Um, I'm sorry. I can't actually pass you, this is a one lane car wash... The Racer finally talks some sense into me and says he may want me to come to his car. So, I get out and walk up to him. Long story short, his car is stuck and the conveyor belts are not pulling him through. All I could think was, put it in drive, you should sail right through... He wants me to go inside and alert them to his situation. So, I am backing out of the car wash, ever so carefully as to not hit my mirrors. BAM. I hit some mystery construction object that was on the ground. In addition to the kids screams about still not getting a car wash, now the Racer is laughing so hard she is crying. Maybe a little hyperventilating.

It was the kind of day that makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

I eventually drove the kids to another car wash and had only minimal difficulty. Dirty Job has long since fallen asleep, the Cutie was mesmerized, and Skater Tot was screaming his head off. When we got out, he couldn't stop talking about the soap and the water.

G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS. Sing it with me...


Pollyanna said...

Ok you are so right. This is hilarious!! Made me pee my pants.

Amazing Racer said...

I'm laughing at the retelling of it!

"Soap, water....soap, water....soap, water..."

CPT Mom said...

Awesome Pollyanna.

Pollyanna said...

cpt mom, my email addy is