Monday, November 17, 2008

Send them some love...

I read about a fabulous project on BigMama's blog. One of her readers is sponsoring a campaign called "Dear Army Family". It is a project in which families send cards to military families of deployed soldiers at Ft Sill. I can tell you it is lonely spending the holidays away from your soldier. Even though we knew it was right where the Lord wanted us last year, it was lonely. And sad. And made me want to hide under the covers and wish the days away.

Soldiers make a HUGE sacrifice. But the sacrifice of their families so often goes unnoticed because there is no physical danger. A friend once said it best. She told me, "We are expected to continue living our lives each day. But, there is a huge hole in the middle of our lives that only we can see and feel."

So, please, go read this post and send a card to a family. You could really make their day.


every simple day said...

thank you for passing this along...

you got me all-teary-eyed in your description too.