Monday, November 3, 2008

"I am frump girl"

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready for church, finding myself once again standing in my closet. If you know me, you know that I am not super stylish. In fact, thinking of me when you read that phrase may have caused you to giggle out loud. That's ok. I'm not offended.

But, pregnancy has brought with it a new level to my frumpiness. I'll spare you the details and just share that I walked out of my bedroom and declared to our roomie, "After church, I am buying a cute pair of maternity jeans that actually fit me." Now, I struggle because this may not be the wisest way to spend money right now when it's at a premium. And, I do happen to own a giant maternity wardrobe, more so than my regular wardrobe. But, most of said maternity clothes are a least one size too big, and it seems to have brought out some serious insecurities that I didn't even know that I had. Any idea what it does for your look when you add extra material to your newly bulging midsection? Not good.

So after church, we ate some mexican food. (Also, not good for my bulging midsection.) After mexican food, I was so tired. I almost forewent the shopping trip. But, Old Navy was right across the street so I persevered, with a little encouragement from the roomie. I picked up a few things, grabbed my whiny toddler, and headed to the fitting room. Let me just say that I let out an audible sigh when I slipped on those pants. I wasn't even phased that my half naked child kept opening the door to expose my half-naked, daily-changing pregnant self to the sweet, young employees. (Sorry for that, but hopefully the Lord can use it to encourage abstinence to teens in our area.) Those are some impressive pants, people.

I feel a little vain and maybe even a little selfish, but those jeans seriously turned my day around. Next, I am going to ask my hubby to take me out on a date so I can debut my well-fitting, cute new pants :)


Amazing Racer said...

Good jeans are worth every penny, sister. Glad you found a pair.

I need to get me some!

katemcdonald said...

Oh I remember those feelings! THe truth is, I bet you are radiant:)