Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I MAY or MAY NOT have done/said/thought

  • Kissed a pair of Asics Gel Kayanos and said "Hello, lover."
  • Yelled at snapfish for not letting me use 2 discounts at once.
  • Ordered some pasta and then got too full on the soup before it.
  • Yelled at my toilet for being broken...again. What up with all the yelling?
  • Clapped my hands when I found out more Black Friday ads had been released.
  • Listened to the kids' "Gma K" explain how my son gave her a black eye.
  • Drank too much iced tea which was obviously caffeinated which is obviously why I'm still up at 1:15am

Aside from all that RANDOM, I also made sure to give God a big SHOUT OUT for dealing with me on some issues yesterday so that my heart was in a better place today. I also got to pick up my picture disk from my wonderfully awesome, amazing, crafty friend that took our family pictures on Sunday. She is OBVIOUSLY way more efficient than me. Go, Pollyanna.


Pollyanna said...

I'm not efficient. I'm just not doing things that NEED to be done;)

Seriously you crack me up girl.

Did you get some cards ordered? What did the Mr think?

CPT Mom said...

I'm sorry, did you say, "I filled up on soup first?"

I hope it was a cream soup, at least...

Holly said...

Your boy gave GmaK a black eye? NOT Fun-neeee! So why am I laughing?