Saturday, October 18, 2008


We woke up at the crack of dark this morning, for a very good reason. We did the Zoowalk, which is a fundraiser for the the Autism Research Institute and ASU. I am very, very excited to say that our team was able to raise over $1,300! GO TEAM!!!

This is our second year doing the walk. It's a very emotional event for me. I tear up watching groups pose for pictures. I also teared up while standing in the registration line to turn in our money and I shed a tear or two when I saw our team name printed on the Zoowalk shirt. All teams raising over $1,000 get printed on the shirt. My camera is broken, but some sweet friends who walked took some pictures. I will be posting some once I get them.

I'll share more later, but I just wanted to share my excitement and give a SHOUT OUT to all the people who gave, walked, prayed and celebrated not only my boy, but all kids with autism. Your support makes all the difference!


Pollyanna said...

Oh I wish I had known about this. We like to walk for Autism walks. My two nephews have Autism too.

Way to go!!

Holly said...


That about covers it!

CPT Mom said...

Thanks for inviting us to be a part of this special event.

So excited that we surpassed our goal!

Amie said...

So frustrated that I was unable to join the group physically during the walk, but please know my heart was walking every step of the way with you. The shirt goal was very exciting. Jaybob loves his! Thanks for thinking of him. If I have not told you recently, I love your boy!!! Go Brigade!

Kat said...

As a mom of an Autistic child.... WAY TO GO! We do the walk held by TAFA here in Tucson.