Monday, October 27, 2008

We don't do Fall in these parts.

After today, this is very clear to me. I wish I had a picture of our adventure to the pumpkin patch. Bff and I took the freak show to the pumpkin patch today. It was one of those where you walk out into the field and pick your pumpkin. Slim pickens being that we waited until Oct 27. But, the kids didn't really care.

So I give them the big rule, "Only pick a pumpkin that you can carry, because we can't carry it for you." Dirty Jobs immediately picks up a large pumpkin and stumbles his way through the rest of the pumpkin patch. This worked out well for me, because it gave me an advantage in keeping up with him on the rough terrain. Dinoboy and What Not to Wear are in a contest as to who can find the more perfect pumpkin. Cutie mostly screamed at everyone because she couldn't keep up.
5 of the 6 of us were wearing flip flops with one wearing crocs. Two kids are in pajamas and the rest of us are in shorts. Clearly, we were wearing our best fall gear to tackle the pumpkin fields. But, have I mentioned that we live on the surface of the sun? And even on Oct 27, it is still shorts and flip flops weather.

Everyone found a pumpkin that they liked. In the meantime, Bff began itching from the field grass, Cutie lost her shoes in the shuffle and got little stickers in her feet and the biggest two were sure that we all knew that their pumpkins were the very best.

It was a super fun time in which many memories were made.

This is the good stuff.