Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Yes and A No...Maybe

So, if you know me in actual life (and I'm pretty sure I've made mention of it on the blog), you know that for the past year or so, I have been on board to have a third child. Me. Not my Hubs. And in this family, having a child takes two yes' or an overrule by the Lord.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I really felt the Lord prompting me to lay down that desire. And few days after that, I had really let it go. I then proceeded to console myself with all things practical: we still have so much to focus on with Dirty Job, a third would stretch us even further time wise, financially, etc, I want to go back to school, and even really shallow things like our desire to take a 10 year anniversary cruise next year came to mind. And Cpt is pregnant, so I can snuggle and love on her baby.

So, last week, before the kids and I left for our visit to the grandparents, Hubs shared a lovely sentiment. It went something like this, "I think we should have a third." (That's the abbreviated version). And while my face couldn't stop smiling, my head about exploded with the bomb that was dropped.

I can't even begin to share everything going through my mind. His yes brings up so many questions. And my thoughts are a wee bit out of control about all of it. Where I used to feel ok about having some "control" over whether or not we were going to try to have another, my heart isn't sure how it feels about that philosophy since Baby Blues left us. So as I search God's Word for answers, and pray about our decision, I also ask Him for peace. I feel confident that I can receive the Lord's "yes" or "no," as long as I have Him.


Pollyanna said...

Oh my gosh!! My ovaries just cried out for you! I know what this means to you that the hubs is onboard. I can't tell you how excited I am for what is to come for you guys. I'm not really the praying type, but I'll send all the good thoughts I can muster your way. I know this is a huge thing and I hope that whatever happens you can accept and embrace. Ooh if it wasn't almost 11 at night, I'd be on the phone calling you and all excited for you. Maybe it is better that I don't call right now. I've just got to absorb it for a little before I'm able to really talk to you about it. Huge huge stuff! Yay!

CPT Mom said...

I'll be praying with you, friend.

He will show you what your family should look like.

Holly said...

I keep hearing the song "Drop the Bomb on Me" playing in my mind.

Wow!! I may seriously reconsider leaving the country again. Such strange things happen while I'm gone. LOL.

Can't wait to talk in person. Love ya.

Amie said...

My oh my!!! The things that happened while I've been away! You know we need to have coffee NOW so we can talk about this! This is hugely big! God is sure faithful and will answer the desire for peace as you seek Him. Amazing what happens when we lay things down and take our hands off, huh?!?!