Friday, October 3, 2008

In God I Trust.

In case you haven't heard, we are in some economic hardship these days. And, if you hadn't heard, please go ahead and crawl out of the cave you have been living in.

I was having a conversation with my husband recently about the possibility of a bailout plan. Now, I don't claim to actually know what all this means or entails. I have only heard a few analyst's opinions as to what this could mean for our economic future. One of them is we will suffer from inflation. The other is we could end up in a depression. As I thought about these two options, two thoughts entered my mind: 1. I am so glad my Gramma is not here to see this. 2. What would a depression in this country actually look like?

As for #1: My grandmother lived through the Great Depression. Once into more stable economic times, my gramma began stocking up on all things imaginable, just in case. She had a basement full of things. Freezers full of food. The only thing she didn't buy in bulk was toilet paper. One basement flood years before brought that life lesson. Of course, in my youth, I thought she was a little overboard. But, once she shared her stories, it was understood. It didn't matter how crazy people thought she was, my gramma was never going to be caught in a situation where she and her family didn't have food to eat. I think, if she were alive today, she would have much fear. I am thankful that she is with the Lord now. I wonder if He gets to hear her stories now?

As for #2: I have a difficult time trying to figure what people mean when they talk about a modern day depression. Do they mean like in the 1930's? When people struggled to survive. When some even died. Because if this is where our country is headed, I think we will have, well, approximately 3 billion people who are going to be surprised. We live in a country where many people live paycheck to paycheck. Even those who are struggling financially often have a car, home, cell phones and food. As a whole, we don't know how to grow our own food, do laundry by hand, or hunt and gather for our meals. So, based on the stories of my gramma, I wonder, "What would a depression in America in the 21st century look like?"

Now, don't get me wrong: I am hoping to never find out.

But, wherever our country is headed, I am going to trust the only One who can get us through it.

The Lord has provided greatly for our family. He is not swayed by the economy. I know He will continue to provide even when that means we have to make sacrifices. Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness.


Amazing Racer said...

Umm, thanks. I would now like to find that cave, please.

It is where I shall stockpile my black beans, rotel, and white corn.