Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures from the Zoowalk

These were the best zoowalkers out of the bunch. Minus one. One friend no longer wanted to feel as if the paparazzi were up in his space. Dirty Job had some supportive friends!

My hubs was so proud that our team name was printed on the shirt for raising over $1,000. Go team!!!


Pollyanna said...

Oh this is awesome!! Way to go guys. Still bummed you didn't tell me about it.

Holly said...

A-Run's papparazzi ditching skills will come in handy one day. He's gonna be famous, you know.

It wasn't just your hubs that was proud. You were beaming with pride and it was beautiful. And you can count me in the proud as a peacock group, too!

Amie said...

Love the papparazzi pics! Have a CD for you from friend but forgot it. Will get to you tonight. Maybe there will be one of the famous A-Run unbeknownst to him!!!
Have to say Jaybob's shirt has the group's name highlighted !! Yep we are proud to say we are Dirty Job fans!!!!