Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A shopping we will go...

I took the Cutie and another little girly-girl with me to the grocery store this morning. It was going so well, I decided to tackle another store where I prefer the produce. You know the kind, an all-natural type place. Their produce is good and it's cheaper as well. Wednesday is double ad day, so they honor this week and last week's sales. Wednesdays are always crowded. And it is usually frequented by the over-60 crowd at 10am.

I have had many an experience at this store where I feel like the grandparently types are judging me as if their kids were nothing but perfect angels. There's not a lot of room between aisles and my girl tends to wander a little. She always stays close by, but tends to look at the ground when she walks. This causes her to walk in from of other's carts on a regular basis. It has warranted us many a dirty looks.

All this background to say that all the grandparently types we met today were all so sweet to me and the girls. The Cutie was again wearing her bathing suit (inside out for a different look) and of course, carrying her purse. Many stopped to talk to the girls and a gentleman in a wheelchair asked them to come over by him so he could talk to them. As we made a mad dash with our cart for a potty trip, I was trying to juggle both girls and my purse and get the cart out of the way, etc. A sweet little gramma headed over and held the door open so I could assist one without dragging everything else in with us. She then told me about her own little girls who have now grown up and made her a gramma to 8.

It was such a sweet exchange. And a productive grocery trip.

A successful day, for sure!