Sunday, October 12, 2008

a random update

As you read in the previous post, I was out of town last week. So rather than an all too lengthy post, I thought I would give you a quick update instead.

You're welcome.

  • So many thanks to the Racer for offering to keep the Cutie for a whole week while we were away. Even more thanks for loving her while we were gone. Your family is precious and so generous to welcome her to be a part of it. And so many thanks for the encouragement in getting her off the binky. This has been a huge sigh of relief in our home!
  • This is one special girl I have. She pretty much potty trained herself and decided she was done with the binky. Apparently, lazy parenting can pay off if your child has the right personality :)
  • As for the above, I am totally kidding. I know that she just has one of those personalities where she won't even consider doing something until it is her own idea. I wonder where she gets that from...
  • The training we were at last week allows my husband and I to begin teaching a really wonderful curriculum to other couples at marriage retreats through our military branch. We were blessed to attend such retreat as participants, and are very excited to be given the opportunity to teach it to others.
  • My bff is really amazing. She has had to face life in ways that I hope no one else ever has to. Yet, she still has enough grace and love to share with the many around her. She is beautiful inside and out.
  • Just when I was starting to feel as though I have a handle on my two new, part-time commitments, I will begin working part time at our state fair this week. That along with some new developments should send me back into the state of overwhelmed. But, it's ok, because I may get some extra time with the bff this month.
  • As last, but possibly the most important, is a fashion update. In case you were needing an outfit to wear to your local fair this year, the Cutie has a suggestion:

In case you can't quite make out what you are seeing, she is wearing some really colorful tights, her pink croc-like shoes, her bathing suit (of course), and a hoodie for warmth.
It's quite possibly her most memorable ensemble to date. We were turning lots of heads.

I hope I left you with a smile.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the outfit...what a little fashionista:)

Amazing Racer said...

Let's get physical, physical...

I'm wearing that next time we go tto the fair. I'm sure the bff will be just as impressed with my style as she was with the Cutie.

Elizabeth said...

Adorable outfit!! What a cutiepie!

Elizabeth said...

Oh and I nominated you for a bloggy friends award. I appreciate you both!