Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quit messin'

This pregnancy thing is messing with my head. I know that every pregnancy is different, and I believe that, but apparently, somewhere in the dark crevices of my mind, I didn't. With Cutie, I felt good, could eat what I wanted and I carried her small up until the last few months (when I blew up like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man).

Well, enter baby #2... Trace amount of cheese has me nauseous all day. And my stomach, it is a temperamental thing. Even water makes me nauseous...sometimes. I ate a bagel for breakfast yesterday, fine. Today, not so much. Now, I am really trying not to complain, because this baby is a blessing and the nausea signals a strong pregnancy, but this is my blog, and at Crying Moms, we will cry if we want to :) Frankly, the stomach is an annoyance, but I can deal.

However, last night, my hubs was taking me out for a date night. (This is the part where it starts messing with me.) I am standing in our closet, tearing through each and every pair of pants I own. Major Hunk walks in as I am sliding (err, stuffing) myself into the last pair. He looks at me and says, "I love you, but that is not going to work. Can I get your maternity clothes from the garage?" I concede. But, I was seriously mad about it. Not at him, but at my body for rebelling at such an early point. I slipped on some cute maternity jeans, thanks to my friend, T and her three pregnancies. I really did feel better. Except that I am still holding onto a little animosity that I am wearing maternity pants only 2 weeks after finding out I am pregnant.

So go ahead and leave me comments telling me that it's completely normal, I am not some pregnant circus freak, and that it will level off at some point and I am not destined to weigh 742 pounds at the end of this...

Because, what are friends good for, if they won't lie to you when you need it.

Totally kidding.

Well, mostly.


Amazing Racer said...

Pick me up off the floor...seriously, I am laughing so hard.

I gotta say, had my husband suggested the maternity pants, well, I would've straight busted out into the ugly cry.

Wait, didn't my husband (in a totally different way) actually do that last night? No wonder I am weepy today.

Anonymous said...

"Magic mirror, tell me lies."


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Awwww... its ok... I promise! Unfortunately, it only gets worse with each pregnancy. (Think you're going to go for #3 someday?!)

And I gotta agree with Racer, I think Jon would've ended up on the floor if he'd made that suggestion to me. =)

Anonymous said...

I so sympathize.. I had to change into maternity clothes early as was sick as a green dog through 6 months...pregnancy isn't for the faint of heart!

Amie said...

CptMom, sorry'bout the pant episode last night. If it is any consolation, I find myself looking for maternity pants to fit into on occasion and my baby is 12 YEARS OLD!!!
My pregnancies:
1st baby - high
2nd baby - low
3rd baby - out
4th baby - EVERYWHERE!!!
Gotta love it~ :~)
In the wise words of someone dear to me, "This too shall pass."