Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goose Egg

I lost the big fat ZERO pounds this week. Of course, when I reflect on my eating this week, I notice that this was my worst eating week EVER. Little fruits and veggies, and I probably went over my points every single day...
So, I've hit my biggest fear about this journey. That in the middle of it I would plateau. Which of course makes me want to wolf down something sweet, like a Baskin Robbins triple scoop. I am NOT going to do that, though. That would undo some serious emotional eating work that I've been doing. So instead, I will create a couple of goals for this week.

#1 - drink water like a fish. Like my co-blogger.

#2 - Start exercise program. Pronto.

Starting weight: 168
This Weeks Loss: 0
Total Lost: 20
Current Weight: 148


Denise said...

Today is a new day, those pounds will come off. Hang in there dear one.

CPT Mom said...

Don't be so hard on yourself.

If you know you didn't do well with points then it is great that you didn't gain. You are doing a really great job. I can't believe how great you are looking!!

And yes, yes, yes...exercise pronto!!!

Mama Bear June said...

Keep making good eating choices. Don't let a plateau discourage you - we all hit them. You've lost 20 pounds overall - that's fantastic!