Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Real World - my corner

Well, my family is back from a very lovely, much needed vacation. We had a ton of fun with my parents. The eating was nice, too. I absolutely love my dad's cooking. It's most fantastic! I did very well the first half of my vacation. I kept track of what I was eating and monitored myself accordingly. The second half of the vacation I got lazy and told myself to just be aware and balanced. We did ALOT of walking, so I'm hoping that helped relieve some of the extra calories that I ate. Last night on the way home, I had a piece of pie. Not a good choice. In fact, it was a poor choice. I should've eaten 1/2 a candy bar and called it good. How quickly I lose focus of a healthier life when I am feeling crampy and bloated. Chocolate is my relief. I'm looking at that last sentence and thinking how sad that is. I could do other things that would serve my body WAY better than chocolate. Some examples: stretching, hot bath, quiet time, heating pad. Those are just some of the simple things. More importantly, I need to ask the Lord to help me replace that VERY bad habit in my life.
I'm in dire need of a weigh in. I don't know where I'm at with my weight loss right now, which makes me feel justified in my eating. The number (which I used to say I didn't care about) helps me to stay motivated for the week or helps me get my mind focused on better choices. I want this to be a life style change....but in order for that to happen I need to see my efforts have some affect on my overall weight battle. The battle is far from over.
This is typically the point where I become more lax. I'm at a weight where I can see the difference. But I want more than that. I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want my choices to reflect these desires.
I need to stay the course on this race to a healthier me.


LessOfUs said...

You are doing great, my friend. Be encouraged!

Thanks for the reminder that there are other non-food options when I am feeling emotionally or physically yucky.