Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Typical Triggers

So, I haven't weighed in this week. That'll happen at some point today. I just wanted to record some thoughts about things that would usually trigger a lot of emotional eating.

I don't like confrontation. I'd rather hash it out among myself until I get over it. I also dislike advocating for my children in areas that I feel like I lack knowledge or expertise. Examples: Doctor's offices, Therapists, Church teachers. I know that makes me sound like an unfit mom, and that is in contradiction to my "keepin it real" self.
The bottom line (that I just figured out) is that that is false pride. It brings the focus onto me and what I'm not good at or what I don't know instead of being a wise steward with my children. They are my gift - but they are not mine...they are the Lord's.
So in the last couple of days, I've really felt the need to advocate in some areas of What Not To Wear and Dirty Job's lives. What Not To Wear has had a sinus infection almost every time we walk into the dr's office for the last couple of years. Which causes fluid in her ears, which causes her to not hear well. I've asked about it once, and her doctor told me if I wanted to, that I could give her some Claritin. Well, I'm not a big proponent of daily unnecessary meds. So I only give it to her on occasion, and apparently not enough to keep the sinus infections away. So today I contacted an ENT doctor's office to make an appointment for her. I wanted an expert opinion on some options for her - extensive allergy test, getting her adnoids removed, tubes, etc. Well, they told me they needed a dr's referral, even though our insurance doesn't require it. Usually, that would be the end of it. I would shelve it for months because I don't want to have to ask her pediatrician for the referral and answer the unending questions. Instead of that, today I called and bumped her pre kindergarten check up to Friday, so that I could get the referral and follow up on her visit from earlier this week that they haven't given me results to. I know to the normal mom this would all be no big deal, but for me, it's huge. Plus, because all of that is internally stressful for me, I would typically be heading to the fridge for some comfort, but I haven't even gotten up to take a look in the thing!!! Instead I have thought about my exercise program that I want to start (no, not as good as actually starting it, but baby steps, people).
Well, this post is already longer than expected. So I won't even go into Dirty Job right now. I am really excited and in prayer over some new opportunities for him. To be posted at a later time...
This post was definitely for me, for theraputic reflection. So thanks for enduring!


CPT Mom said...

You are doing a great job, Mom! Way to fight for your kids.
You are a great mom...there is no one who can do it better for What Not to Wear and Dirty Jobs.

And yeah for you that you didn't run straight to the food when you had to deal with all this stuff. What great progress!!