Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I've never actually spoken so openly about my weight. It's on the "forbidden questions to ask" list. You know: How old are you; How much do you weigh; Are you pregnant (or just getting bigger) - The list. In an effort to be more transparent and therefore hopefully a better example of who God is and what He can do, I've decided to post the number. I know only 1 other person reads this, and she already knows the number because I said it to her yesterday, but there's the possibility that someone else may read and see it. And I figured, this is step one in sharing with others. Not that I'm going to greet people "Hi, I weigh 150" but people ask about the weight loss, so it isn't always an awkward thing to share. I remember someone telling me how much they weighed a few months ago and envying the fact that they were so free to share the number. What has made us so apprehensive about one dumb number? I think it's that we've all bought into and contributed to the lie that smaller number = person's value/worth. I know I've bought that lie and reinforced it in myself.

So here's my new thinking about "the number." That number helps me recognize that I have lost 18 pounds. That number also helps me know that even though I am wearing the same jeans, they are not fitting the same (oh how butt tight and gross they must have fit!). That number will help me keep track of the next part of the health journey where the weight is going to come off much will help me stick to my goal once I reach it ~ it will help me catch myself before gaining back the weight.

I still have a long way to go in this journey. The next pound I lose will be the 1/2 way point. I'm giving myself 6 months to lose the second half. I want to be realistic about achieving my goal, so that's why I'm giving myself the extra time. I will have to be very careful when the holiday season approaches. Yes, I'm talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas in June. But the reality is that I have to have a plan ahead of time, or else I'll be back to my unhealthy ways. I'm thinking that Captain Mom and I will have to exercise alot and hang out together as I need major accountability!

Which brings me to another thing ~ if you're reading this Captain Mom (which you are the only one who reads this, so I hope you'll eventually glance over this post) THANKS. Thanks for challenging me to be a healthier me and starting this journey together. You could've left my poor behind on the curb at it's highest weight since 1998. But you didn't. You opened the opportunity and because of that, the Lord has been able to do some much needed work on me. And that is FAR better than any number on the scale.


LessOfUs said...

Congratulations on how far you have your weight loss and more importantly in your life journey!

And yes!! Lots of exercise to come!