Monday, June 25, 2007

Checking in...

Well, I have had less than a week to work on my original goals in the Honoring your husband challenge, but Monday is the day for checking in with our progress, so here goes.

I feel like I have begun working on both of my goals. All of my goals will be continuing throughout, I doubt that I will ever get to a point where I don't need to work in this area. If I think I have, that is probably the first sign that I need some work! Goal #1. I was very conscious this week to tell Corporal Cutie about her daddy (as I always do). But, this week I was sure to focus on character traits and who he is in his relationship with the Lord. I know that if I continue being conscious of this that not only will I honor my husband, but our daughter will be better for it as well. It will teach her the kind of man she is to look for in a marriage partner and it will show her how a wife is to think of her husband. Goal #2. I began work on the clutter in our home. I compiled a list of tasks that had been broken into small manageable tasks and posted it on the refrigerator. I am hoping to work on something 4 times a week. I was able to cross one item off the list today...yeah!

Ok...onto the new goals for this week. Christine made the challenge to support our husbands in their work. She gives a quote from the Bible and one from the book Rocking the Roles.

Paul in 1 Cor. 11:9, For indeed man was not created for the woman's sake, but woman
for the man's sake.

"That's not a putdown; it's a tremendous compliment to you as a woman. You are
invaluable to your man. He needs someone custom-made to help him be and do what he
can't be and do by himself. Your support is essential to his success. Without your focus,
attention, and encouragement, he'll have glaring gaps in his life. It's not good for a
husband to be left alone."

Interestingly enough, I had a conversation with someone yesterday related to this. In response to something I had said to him he commented on what a blessing I am to Major Hunk. He said that I am the stability he needs knowing that many family issues run deep. He commented that I am the glue that keeps him together and knowing I am here at home raising our daughter while he is away is a comfort to him. Now, I know that the glue in our relationship is neither of us, it is the Lord, but I get what he is saying. He is saying that knowing his wife is supportive and stable and strong brings comfort and blessings to my husband. In his job, the Major sees many marriages struggle. He has seen marriages fall apart due to decisions made on both ends: the soldier and the spouse. He has seen spouses take advantage of their soldier's situation and ruin lives in the process. He has often expressed to me how thankful he is to know that he can rest feeling stable and secure in our marriage, that he can feel confident in my decisions regarding our child, our finances or any other matter that arises. (Not that I feel ultra-confident in my abilities). I also know that it is really important to him that I still include him in decision making.

This takes me to my goals for this week:
#1. I will be better about discussing upcoming decisions that affect us here at home in such a way that it doesn't sound like I have already decided...that I really want his input.
#2. I will not give such pat answers when people ask me how he is doing or what is new with him. I will speak in a way that supports him and the important work that he does. I will also be sure that I let him know how important his work God, our family and our country.

Lord, I come to you tonight and thank you for my husband. Thank you that he is the man that he is. Thank you that he strives to be better, for You and for me. Help me to remember to lift him up in prayer and in words every day. I know that I am setting lifelong examples already for our young daughter and I want her to learn healthy patterns that she can carry into her adult life. In Jesus name I pray.


LessOfUs said...

Corporal Cutie is beyond blessed to have you and Major Hunk as her mom and dad. The fact that you are so invested in sharing about her awesome daddy is such an encouragement for me to do the same. Thanks for leading by example and sharpening my iron!