Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Blues.

Dear Baby Blues,

Tomorrow is the day that we celebrate your birth. Last year at this time, we were anticipating your arrival. Because you were "scheduled", we knew you were coming on this day. I am pretty sure this auntie couldn't wait to get her hands on you. I had so many kisses to bestow upon you. I was just certain you would be beautiful. And have a big head:) You were. And surprisingly, you didn't. After your daddy and brother got a visit, then gramma, it was finally my turn. I held you in my arms and introduced myself. You repeatedly stuck out your tongue at me. The days and weeks that followed did not allow me enough extra hours to hold you uninterrupted, what with your cousin who did not like the idea of another baby in her mama's arms. But, oh the love. We were so happy that you had joined our family.

In a little over an hour, it would be your first birthday.
I wish you were here to celebrate it with us.
I mean, I don't, because I know you are celebrating big time up there with Jesus.
But...I do.

We miss you so very much. But, today, I choose to celebrate. To celebrate your life, your love, and who you were to each one of us. I will celebrate that you are in a perfect heavenly body. Celebrate that we will see you again someday. And celebrate the time we had with you and the memories that time will never take away. An celebrate the lessons that you have taught me in your life and in your death.

We will have a birthday celebration. There will be cake and balloons and bubbles. Your friends and family will be there. And I think you will be there too.

I love you baby boy.


Amazing Racer said...

Well said, Auntie, well said.