Friday, July 4, 2008

Nothin but Fireworks

Dear What Not To Wear,

6 years ago I held you for the first time, crying expressing so many of the emotions I felt. I was overwhelmed with the love I felt for you and terrified at the responsibility of it all. You've rocked our world since your arrival, my girl. Our life has not been boring since you entered it!

Over this past year, I have seen you learn so much. Kindergarten became a great adventure for you and you loved art, recess, music, and math. Reading has been "our" challenge and you are not a big fan of PE. Maybe because it's blazing hot and you don't want to suffer heat exhaustion. Maybe because you inherited your mom's coordination.

We've already walked through some self image issues. Who'd have thought we would have to face those already? I'm glad you can share those things with me. I'm glad I have enough tools to teach you your beauty through the Truth. Chats with you forced me to deal with some of my own stuff. God sure is smart to use you to teach me.

There are so many things to love about you, but one of my favorite things about you is your compassion. You love to care for others, and you do it with such a pure heart. Your heart is tender and reflects the Lord's unconditional love. Even when you overdo it, you really are trying to help. I watch you love your brother and it makes my heart just melt. You offer your love to him even when he can't always reciprocate...what a precious gift to have. I pray the Lord will use that in you to minister to all kinds of people in need.

Having you as my daughter has been one of God's greatest blessings in my life. Daddy and I couldn't have picked a more perfect match for our family. You make our days brighter and alot more fun! I love you the morest.




CPT Mom said...

a beautiful post for a beautiful girl!

That girl is all kinds of love. The Lord will use that for something big through her life, I just know it.