Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Pictures

Firstly, I have to tell you, moving is exhausting! Even the baby doll neeed a break!

This was my car on the way to Baby Blues birthday celebration. The balloon release was beautiful, but getting there was comical.

This was an example of the delicious and healthy food options at the fair we went to on our vacation. Really? Chicken on a Krispy Kreme??

Dirty Jobs shirt says: Stud Muffin seeks Cupcake.

Cutie's shirt says: Little Miss Cupcake.

A perfect match? I think so.

These are a couple of pics of our kids doing life together.

I have a feeling I will being seeing this much in my future.

(That's a phone tucked into her shoulder.)

I love this one because it shows the ironies that are my girl. Those are her high heels that she put on to go help Daddy work on the truck.


Amazing Racer said...

Love it all. Especially your girl with her tools and heels.