Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tales from the Scales

Well, I have been absent for a couple of weeks. There have been a few different reasons for this, but the one big reason is that I have gained. I have discovered that this is not a good reason for me to stay away. I need the accountability!

So, here I am to admit to all of you that over the past couple of weeks, I have gained 5 pounds...ouch!

There are a couple of reasons for this, some legitimate, others, not so much...
I was sick for a month and was eating little. This sparked a big weight loss.
Then I started eating again. This sparked a weight gain.
Then I started eating everything I could get my hands on.
And I didn't stop.

Here I am today committing to getting back on the wagon and holding on.

Updated Stats:
Starting weight: 188.4
Today's weight: 156.0
Total loss: 31.6

Goals for the week:

  • more water, less diet soda
  • eat more at home
  • take healthy snacks with me in the car


Anonymous said...

you can do it! just stay strong and take it one day at a time! its understandable to have a moment of weakness here and there- just remember this is a long term goal- keep going for the goal and it will be there before you know it!!!

Lisa Kay said...

The goals you have set up for yourself will definitely put you on the road to a loss. Take it a meal at a time and I hope you have a great week!

Lisa Kay

Mama Bear June said...

Hang in there! The accountability really helps me. I know you'll put off those extra pounds by following your goals. (Especially get rid of the diet soda. That's actually a big sabotage of weight loss.) I had gained 6 pounds at one point just this WEEK, so I know how it feels. Once I got committed again and worked hard, most of it dropped back off.
Path to Health

Elizabeth said...

You can definitely do it!! I'm also playing the scale game... waiting to weigh in tomorrow while my DH is on the sofa eating chips. Argggg! Good luck :)