Saturday, March 8, 2008


My Deadliest Catch and I have been in prayer and conversation for a long time over a big move. We have been debating, for what seems like forever, moving to Texas. There were many, many factors to consider, primarily where God wants us to be. Some of the secondary factors were him transferring through work, Dirty Job's placement into a new preschool and the services provided in a different state, family location, plugging into a new local body of Christ, building or buying a home, etc.

This journey of prayer and dialogue have done some rather awesome things in mine and hubs relationship. I just love how the Lord will use things like that to improve our communication and because of that, our overall relationship. I know when I feel like I'm being heard and I'm able to verbally communicate better, it make me feel more connected to my spouse. Such a sweet spot to be in!

Through these times, the Lord has also been so faithful to reveal some blind spots in our lives. I used to dread that, but this has been such a blessing for us individually and as a couple. Taking responsibility for some sin areas in my life has brought such freedom. And I gotta say, when I take responsibility instead of trying to defend bad behavior...well, that's just an honest place for my heart to be. For me, an honest heart is able to have joy even through the trials. I had heard of that, but I don't know if I had ever been able to live that out loud in my life. I am so appreciative for this season of growth in our lives. (I do not think it coincidental that we are doing the Believing God bible study during this time).

We have finally closed the door on this discussion...we are staying here for the time being. There is still much growth to be had here in this place, many miracles in our lives for Him to perform while we believe Him in this season. So while my heart still longs for a little more country and some wide open spaces, I also find great peace knowing we are exactly where our God wants us to be. And that trumps all.


CPT Mom said...

It is the best place to be, indeed.

It is a beautiful thing to watch you grow during this season.

So proud of you.