Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Daddy's Approval

Here is a typical scene at our house... I get the Cutie dressed. I tell her she looks pretty. She says, "Show Daddy pretty." Then she prances out and says, "Daddy, look me." All the while with a big smile on her face. He tells her how pretty she is and they embrace. Then she wanders off to her next task with a huge smile of satisfaction on her face.

This morning, she has been climbing up and down our recliner. She is showing off her mad balance skillz. And she's got them for sure. All the while, she is says, "Daddy, watch me!" He reassures her that he is watching. Then she does it again. Each time, she reminds him to watch her. Then she does her next trick and waits for him to encourage her.

This little girl loves to show off for her daddy. I am intrigued that already, at the age of two, how important his approval is to her. I find it especially intriguing that they have been physically separated for so much of her life, yet she still has this strong desire to please him. It has been a good earthly reminder to me of how God made our hearts to desire Him. He made us creatures who desire to please our Daddy...our Heavenly One and our earthly one.

I read a book by John and Staci Eldredge once that states that it is the father who helps the child develop their identity, in both boys and girls. Boys need their dads to tell them they are good enough. Girls need their dads to tell them they are pretty.

I am so thankful that my little girl has a dad who encourages her and tells her she is pretty. But, I am even more thankful that she can grow up to know the One who made her with that desire. Because while, unfortunately, her earthly father will disappoint her, we serve the Father who never will. I pray that Major Hunk and I remember to always point her to the One who will never disappoint her and will always tell her she's pretty...just the way she is.

Lord, thank you for bringing this man into my life. As I watch him navigate the tricky waters of parenting, I fall in love with him more each day. And thank you for a little girl with a tender heart. I pray that it stays that way. And Lord, please help us to remember to live our lives in such a way that we continually point her to You. That we will live our lives in such a way that she can model our desire to please our Father. I pray that Your grace will cover our mistakes and that our little girl will grow to know, love and serve you all of her days. Thank you Jesus. Amen.


Amazing Racer said...

This posts mocks me. It's got a title to lure me, and then NOTHING!!!!! I can only take so much mockery before I dive into a bucket of Baskin Robbins.

Michelle said...

It is fascinating how much little girls want their daddy's approval! :)

Thanks for the congrats on the birth of Lucas! I'm slowly catching up on blogging LOL