Monday, March 31, 2008

Now Introducing...

the little ones who bring us great joy and many silly tales.

What Not to Wear, Corporal Cutie and Dirty Jobs

What Not to Wear was really representin' this day. Note the one pant leg tucked into the pink cowboy boot.

I love these kids and their friendship. It brings my heart much joy.

Due to circumstances of the past couple of weeks, the Racer and I haven't spent much time together and our kids hadn't gotten together for their very regular playtimes. On Saturday, they stopped by our house and we had a reunion of sorts. It was all too adorable when What Not to Wear and Cpl Cutie went running to each other, squealing, arms wide open and embraced. They have a flair for the dramatic, ya know. Dirty Jobs wanted in on it and came running full force toward them. Then in typical boy fashion, he blew right by them and headed straight for the playroom. It brought some much needed smiles to this mama's face.


Amazing Racer said...

Flippin sweet.

I love these crazies.