Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weighing in

Well, today I went in to face the music. I will admit I have not been tracking my points or exercising regularly. I have also been drinking little more than diet soda each and every day. My eating has been pretty good. My portions have been small and I have made some good choices. Those do not include the cookies I continue to eat from the cookie exchange I went to on Sunday.

Last weigh in was right after Major Hunk headed back to the sandbox and before my cross country trek for a funeral. If you recall I was up 4.8 pounds...ouch!

Well, better news today. I lost 4 pounds since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago. Yipee!!

Goals for the week:

  • Be really mindful of emotional and mindless eating during this emotional week.
  • Eat thanksgiving dinner one time...not over and over all weekend.
  • Now that the weather is cooling down in the mornings and evenings, strap Cutie into the stroller and get walking. At least twice this week.
And I want to give a huge WOOT WOOT to the Racer who met her weight loss goal this week. If you haven't checked it out, read about it here. I am so incredibly proud of her! She has worked amazingly hard and made many real life changes that will serve her well throughout her life. She hasn't just lost weight, she has really been transformed. And can I just say that she looks fantastic?! She is not only super skinny (which she is), but she is toned from all that running she does. She really is the Amazing Racer!!! Thanks for sharing the journey with me, friend!

Updated Stats:
Starting weight: 188.4
Todays' weight: 161.2
Total loss: 27.2

**I have now lost 15% of my starting weight. Wow!

And my Wednesday Thankfuls:
  • For a wonderful pedicure and some time catching up with one of my favorite young gals.
  • For 8:00 bedtimes on rough days
  • That my girl was able to have some fun bonding time with her auntie. Aunts really are the best, aren't they??
***And to answer a question I got regarding yesterday's thankfuls: The bible study is called Loving Your Military Man. It is written by Beatrice Fishback. It is a study of Phillipians 4:8. I found it on family life's website. Here is the link.***


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

15% is a wonderful goal to meet.

Melonie said...

Thank you for the link! :-)