Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have so much to write about, yet, I don't have the brain power to form complete thoughts. So, instead, I will just leave my random thoughts. I may or may not fill in the details at a later time.

  • I put Major Hunk on a plane today and watched him fly off again for the Middle East. It does not get easier with practice.
  • We had a fantabulous time. We had some really special times and some really "normal" family times. Those were the most special of all.
  • The Cutie never fully warmed up to him over the course of his leave. It made us both a little sad even though we understood.
  • I am very sad that our local gelato shop has closed down. Days like today definitely call for some chocolate gelato! Just thinking of the Racer and I stopping dead in our tracks and gasping at the sight of the wide open space that was, only 2 days before gelato deliciousness, makes me laugh...every time.
  • I love that the Racer was updating for me. I really love the pictures of us with our guys. She is such a great friend.
  • I agree. That picture of us is sugary sweet and at any other point in my life probably would have made me throw up a little. That was also the first time my husband has ever danced with me...EVER.
  • That chocolate fountain was delicious! Why didn't we take some pictures of that?? Oh right, because I was always standing in front of it blocking the view.
  • Rumor has it that the groom said he needed a big piece of cake with extra frosting because he needed the extra calories. Um...excuse me???
  • My daughter was the fun director this week. She liked to tell us what game to play and who's turn it was. If you tried to deviate from her directives, she would clearly correct you. Do not tickle out of turn!!
  • I think I may have been bitten with the baby fever bug.
  • I am craving Famous Dave's barbeque sandwich sampler! I think I must go there.
Enough randomness for today. Have a blessed day!


Amazing Racer said...

Love your sugary sweet pic. Love that your first dance was captured. Glad it doesn't get easier because if it did it'd mean that you are used to life without him.

We should've taken a picture of the fountain. One of us needs one of those for Christmas. Not a cheap one either. One that will drip milk chocolate with that beautiful hum. One I can fit my head under, or at least my mouth.

Extra calorie groom makes me laugh. Because you know he visited the fountain a few times. It was at his request that they had it, because, as you know, the bride doesn't believe in, well, eating.

Cutie as the fun director cracks me up. How like her personality to have turns.

Umm, may have been bitten with baby fever bug is the unerstatement of the year. You have been covered in a swarm of bug bites.

BBQ sandwich platter...yes, let's. Not that you were inviting me, but since you mentioned it now I want some, too.

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

You two ladies just crack me up! I am so enjoying this blog and the comraderie that you two have. Hysterical.

I am sorry that Uncle Kevin had to leave again, so soon too. But as you said, three months and counting. He'll be home before you know it and can start working on that baby fever of yours. Can you hurry too? I need a baby to hold before I catch that same fever. =) Love you!