Friday, November 2, 2007

Sackcloth and Ashes

So, here's a picture of my new haircut. This pic is less than flattering, but I'm not vain, remember? I had no makeup on (because I was saving up for my $800 miracle in a compact).

I got a cute picture of Cpt Mom and Major Hunk last night at a wedding we attended. I want to post it so badly, but do not have permission from her, and apparently I have a hair up my butt and am feeling the need to respect her by waiting for her to say ok. I told you I was in a weird funk.

I have some very sad news to share. So sad, I'm not sure that I'm ready to put it out there yet, but I guess I have to share it sometime. Yesterday, Cpt Mom, Major Hunk, My Deadliest Catch, Dirty Job and I went out to lunch. After lunch Captain and I suggested going for gelato. We had gone on Tuesday and had told them we'd be back soon because they didn't have pumpkin that day (obviously just an excuse to come back). So we head over to the mall and make the trek through the department store and up the elevator. We are walking towards the gelato kiosk, when, AT THE SAME TIME, Cpt and I gasp. The sick feeling in my gut is returning just thinking about it. Where our precious gelato stand was stands nothing. They are gone. Up and vanished.

Once we recovered from the pure shock of it all, I ran down the escalator and asked the information desk if they possibly just change locations. No such luck. I am writing them a strongly worded email, pleading with them to reopen. I've lost 35 lbs eating gelato. I am their walking advertisement. Cpt Mom and I tell EVERYONE about them. We even plotted to set our friend up with one of the Lombardo men so we could get them to marry and benefit from their union in the form of free gelato for life.

If they decline my desperate invitation to reopen, Cpt Mom, myself and our children will be holding a candlelight vigil next week. Until then, you can find me mourning in a gallon of ice cream, with the song "Nothing Compares to U" running through my mind.


CPT Mom said...

Love this post.

Love the title.

Do NOT love that gelato stand is m.i.a. !!

PS you have my permission to post our picture, only if you email it to me as well.

Melonie said...

I haven't thought of that song in ages - it is very appropriate for your situation. *sigh*

It is also now stuck in my head. Thanks. I think. *double sigh*