Thursday, November 8, 2007

Own It

Weighed in last night. I have gained 3 lbs.

I don't even know what to say about that.

Except that I deserve every pound. I have not kept track of anything, I have eaten a ton of cookies/cakes/chocolate fountain treats. And now I am paying the price.

Good thing that it's a new day and I will make better choices today.

1. Drink water. My 10K is on Sunday and I want to be well hydrated. I want to be well hydrated on a day to day basis, but this week is especially important.

2. Fill house will healthy choices. Because I need them so I can succeed.

3. Keep track of food. If I don't know how many points something is, I will find out. Because I am worth taking care of.

4. Run - today and tomorrow. And Sunday. Also do Pilates video at least 2 days this week.

Starting Weight: 168
Current Weight: 136 (+3)

I'm not sure if I need to reevaluate my goal to get to 130 by the end of the year. This gain makes that potentially very difficult. So, I think I will make that decision next week when I have made some good choices. There's no need to set myself up to fail, especially during the holiday season when there are plenty of goodies to drown my sorrows in. Breaking that bondage is way more important than a few pounds.

Time to get the running shoes on...


ValleyGirl said...

Setting small goals, I believe, is the key, so listing the ones you did should do well to get you headed in the right direction again! Congratulations on not letting a gain discourage you!!!

Tiffany said...

I think you can lose those six pounds before the end of the year. You have done great so far! Keep it up.

Mama Bear June said...

You've got great goals. I know you'll be back on track next week!
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