Friday, November 23, 2007


...Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. How did the week get away from me so quickly? I guess that happens when there is a holiday, huh?

  • For family who understands my need to do something different for the holidays this year.
  • And, for a dad who called 3 times to make sure I would not be spending it home alone feeling sorry for myself. (I didn't.)
  • For cell phones to keep in touch no matter the distance.
  • For good conversation even when it is half a world a way.
  • For friends who also think it is fun to camp out all night just to get a good bargain. (Oh, yes we did!)
  • For picture phones so we can keep in touch even when the Racer and I are apart for the most sacred of holidays: Black Friday :)
  • For a 2 hour nap.
  • For a friend who uses phrases such as " that's wiitastic"!!
I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.


Amazing Racer said...

So glad you were able to talk with Major on the holiday. So glad to be your friend. So glad we could share time on the sacred holiday. So glad to be coming home soon!