Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thankfuls and weight loss goals

Saturday and Sunday: I am thankful...

  • For nights out with other military wives.
  • For pottery painting fun.
  • For laughter in my life, it really is the best medicine.
  • That I can take my worries and fears to the cross and leave them there. This truly is the only place I can take them and be confident that One who knows far better than I has got it covered.
  • For the peace I find when I can truly leave it at the cross.
  • For mommy breaks!
Weight loss goals:

I think I need to set out some really tangible goals to keep me focused during this holiday season. They need to be realistic as well, factoring in all the holiday temptations.

  • Find a new meeting to attend. I just received the sad news that Dale, my weight watcher leader, passed away unexpectedly. My gut feeling says that I don't want to go to "his" meeting anymore and have it run by someone else.
  • Lose another 10 pounds by my anniversary in February.
  • Go on a soda fast for a week. I have really gotten ridiculously hooked on diet soda. I need to give it up cold turkey for a while and really ramp up my water intake.
  • Get back on the training schedule. Once life interrupted and I could not do the 10K, I really got lazy about following the schedule. I am going to start the training back at the beginning. Do a 2 mile and a 3 mile "wog" this week. (I read about wogging -walk/jog- on a few other posts and I feel like it is a better description of what I do than running.)
  • Focus my mind. Because I know that therein lies the majority of the battle.


Amazing Racer said...

You have created some excellent goals, my friend.

And thanks for the reminder that my drop off point is the cross. Not people, or events, or anything else.

You rock, hot mama.