Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh the growth!

This morning, I took Dirty Jobs and the Cutie to our local indoor playground.  I had such a precious morning just watching the two of them.  I don't know if I have mentioned that I have been so lucky to work with Dirty Jobs as his habilitation worker.  What that means is that in addition to having this sweet guy in our lives as a dear family friend, I also get to work with him one on one a few times a week.  I have been doing this since August.

Well, today as I watched the two of them romp and play in the playland, it hit me.  That little guy has grown so much.  Not just in height (which he has) and not even in language (which he has), but just in all around maturity.  I was able to see today that the additional language he has acquired has given the world such a beautiful gift.  The gift of his personality.  That little guy just loves life and he loves to share it with those around him.  He is full of life and excitement to discover something new.  He runs at life full speed ahead.  But, just recently, he has also become aware of life's dangers.  And he exercises restraint.  Yesterday he heard me knock at the door and unlocked it.  His mom told him to stop when he tried to open it.  And you know what, he let go of the door and walked away.  Just a few months ago, he would have rushed to open it and bolted out at the first opportunity.  

I have enjoyed these past 6 months with him and look forward to the coming months with great anticipation.  He has made huge progress on each of his goals in the past months.  I am so excited to see him blow these new goals out of the water this coming year.  

Thank you Racer for entrusting me with one of your most precious gifts.  
And thank you Dirty Jobs for teaching me so much about life.  

I love you guys!


Amazing Racer said...

thanks for all you do. and for being who you are.