Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Day

Today was my big ultrasound.  you know the one where they send you to have all the baby's systems checked out and let you now the sex of the baby.  There was a little stress when the tech kept asking me questions that I didn't think were routine.  Then the dr came in to check on some things.  I was getting nervous and the bff had bowed her head in prayer by then.  I asked the dr what he was looking at and he didn't answer.  Then I started to panic a little.  It turns out they were looking at the placenta and the uterine wall.  I was contracting through the ultrasound and that was making it difficult to read.  After a little bit of time, they were able to confidently announce that everything looked good.  We got some precious pictures of the baby's foot and leg and a great profile shot.  We even got a picture of a yawn.

And they were able to tell me with confidence that it looks like we are having a boy!

Let the great name debate begin...

**Leave me some boy names in the comments if you have some you like**


Holly said...

My little sister's dad wanted to name her Theodore Argyle if she was a boy. Obviously, she's not a boy. So the name's still available for YOU.

Glad everything turned out okay!

Pollyanna said...

Yay!! We love our boys. Congratulations!

No names. Just remember your last name when choosing your son's name;) My sister said that was her favorite part of my cookie party. Ha ha

Amazing Racer said...

Yeah, I got some names...














Miles you can see, I have problems.

Yay for baby boy...who will now need a pseudo-name.

Holly said...

I'm thinking maybe Racer needs another boy, too....