Thursday, February 5, 2009


It has been just over a year since my Major Hunk returned from his deployment.  Exactly one year since he was back in my arms, I was bidding him goodbye at the airport sending him off to a training conference.  It's only a week long.  But it did get me thinking...  

Time is such an interesting thing.  On one hand, it seems like he just returned, and on the other, like the deployment is a distant memory.  

Two years ago found me preparing for our first holiday apart.  I was still strong then.  The loneliness didn't really take root until a few months later.  I had a one year old to keep me busy.  But the more she started to change and grow into a little person, the more difficult it became to accept that he was missing it.

One year ago found me a nervous wreck as we waited for those hangar doors to open.  Crying tears of relief that my love had made it home safely from war.  We were both changed people.  As we couldn't wait to be back together, we were both nervous about what it might look like in our daily lives.  Our daughter stared at the same man and wondered why everyone was so excited about him.  And then she really got nervous when he came to our house and he stayed...  And we won't even mention what she thought of him getting anywhere near her mom.

One week ago found me out of town on some family business longing for my family.  However,  my husband and daughter were having a blast and bonding in ways that one year ago didn't even seem possible.  And two days later when we had to send him off to his training, you found our daughter crying for Daddy.  Today finds her busy making plans for Daddy to take her to the park when he gets home in two days.  It makes this mama's heart melt each time I see her run and leap into his arms.

When I think back on these past 3 years in bullet points like this, it is hard to believe where we have been and where we are today.  Such is life.  As we continue this journey called life, I hope I always remember to take the time to reflect.  It is often in the reflection that we clearly see things that the busyness of life seems to blur.


Amazing Racer said...

What an amazing journey. So glad I get to walk it out with you!

Holly said...

Oh dear at your daughter writing on the carpet! I'm glad it came off ok though! :)