Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh My Four!

Dirty Job,

I greeted you this morning with, "Happy Birthday, Dirty Job." Your reply was, "Happy Birthday, Mommy." It made me grin.

What a journey this past year has been. I have watch you grow and change and GROW some more. Have I mentioned you are HUGE? Your biggest growth, though, has been your speech. We have watched the miracle of who you are unfold this past year. I firmly believe that the Lord answered my prayer for speech through therapy and chelation. You are so fun to listen to!

I love your love for animals, t-rexes and most of all, your love for people. I love when you say hi to strangers. I love when you come up to give me a hug and preface it with, "big hug." Your newest trick is to say, "Come back," in this pathetically sad voice. It cracks me up!

You love talking about the letters of the alphabet, music, and various movies. You enjoy going to the park and riding your big wheel. You like to hike - but only if it involves going up a mountain. No easy trail for you! You love animals, both real and plastic.

The other night as we were laying in your bed I told you that the most important thing to me, even more important than talking is that you love Jesus. Your response, "Thank you, Jesus, Amen." I look forward to seeing and hearing you thank the Lord for many, many things that are to come.

I am so excited as I anticipate the next year with you, sweet boy. Happy Birthday to you!


Holly said...

Thank you, Jesus, Amen. Those are some mighty great words to hear coming out of your child's mouth. That is such a reflection of what he's hearing from his mommy and daddy. Your hearts of gratitude for the little things in life have rubbed off onto your children.

CPT Mom said...

I second his sentiments.

Thank you, Jesus, Amen for Dirty Jobs and his beautiful family.

And, how can he be four?

mandapanda58742 said...

congratulations on such a great year full of accomplishments! Jesus does bring such amazing gifts to the world!