Friday, April 18, 2008

Hope for Tomorrow

This picture is from January, when Dirty Job first started preschool. Since then, he has:
  • Learned some safety skills (staying in the yard, stopping when running too far ahead). Not perfected, but WAY improved from just 3 months ago.
  • Started to parallel play
  • Imitated counting (up to 4 or 5)
  • said "The End" as you finish reading a book
  • transitioned to a new occupational therapist
  • used a PEC book to communicate VERY WELL
  • said many words, including MaMa, backpack, sorry, his sisters name, Jesus, and ice cream. Most language others cannot understand, but I know what he's saying and that is huge.
  • developed a love for dinosaurs that only Dinoboy trumps
  • grown over an inch
  • socialized with many a stranger, saying hi, play and bye to almost anyone.
  • defied the autism spectrum, one spontaneous hug at a time.

I'm sure there are about 100 other things that I can't even remember. God's hand has moved in Dirty Job's life so amazingly in these last 3 months...I am so encouraged and my heart is overflowing with hope for what is to come.


CPT Mom said...

Rock on, Dirty Job!

Your life changes people...

holly said...

I love your boy more than words can express! Ice cream as one of his first words, hhmmm, that came so out of left field :)