Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Memories

I remember when Cpt's bff was pregnant with Baby Blues. I remember talking to him as if he was a her until she found out she was expecting a boy. I would always rub her belly and talk to him, because I wanted him to know my voice. She is not touchy feely, but in her generous amount of grace allowed me the privilege.

I remember her sharing his name with me. I told her that if they were wrong, and she had a girl, that I would be getting pregnant so I could use his cool name.

I remember going to the hospital when he was born. I got to go into the nursery to hold him as his momma was still recovering. I kissed him and got to share a few private words with him. My ovaries were achin then! He looked like his big brother and he was everything that is right with the world.

I remember the first Sunday he was at church. I was extremely unwilling to share him with anybody. I held him and stared, and frankly missed most of the message. My friend had had a difficult pregnancy, but he was worth every moment of it.

I remember his baby shower - it was after he was born. I remember laughter and hugs and more ovary aches. This little boy had stolen his way into my heart. I remember thinking about all the fun that was to be had by the freak show.

I remember visiting him in the hospital when he was admitted shortly after he was born. I can't remember why he was there, but I remember he left with the need to be on Nutramagen, the world's most expensive formula. His sweet head had an IV in it, and I got to hold, kiss, and feed that cutie. I remember a tired momma and daddy lovin on their little man.

That's all the memories I can write today. My heart misses that sweet face.


CPT Mom said...

This is beautiful.
Thank you for writing. I look forward to more.

You are a good friend. They are blessed to have you and your Deadliest Catch.

Mary said...


What a beautiful post.

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

You are going to make me cry...