Friday, April 18, 2008


That title in no way relates to this post. Those words just popped into my head, and I put them down. Welcome to my random brain.

I haven't posted anything in awhile because, well, I started the same bible study as Cpt Mom, and that limits my words LIKE NO OTHER. I do have to confess, the last 2 mornings I haven't been able to do the study, and by 3 or 4pm my words and tone reflect that. Lovely. I am praying that much like developing better eating habits, thinking before speaking will become second nature. That's going to take some SERIOUS work of the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, He's up to the job!

In other news, it appears that my family is going to be moving. Into a house. That we are buying. That will be ours. I'm pretty sure I still can't believe it. The way the Lord worked through this is completely humbling...I am overwhelmed by His provision and His kindness towards me.

This means Cpt and I will be packing up our houses at the same time. This makes me laugh sadistically when I think about it too long. I'm sure it will make for some excellent stories. We are working up a calendar in which we trade off days of packing. Because really, who wants to pack alone with small children coming behind you and unpacking? At least this way, it's 2 boxes packed, 1 box unpacked. Unless Dirty Job is there. He can unpack like nobody's biz. He dumps out his box of toy animals at least 37 times a day. Needless to say, I will have to make sure the packing tape is next to me at all times in order to ensure some boxes make it out to the garage. Or that I can tape his arms down so he'd have to dump with his feet.


CPT Mom said...

If he can only dump with his feet, I am sure that will slow him down by about 1%. His mad problem solving skills will work that out in about 1.2 seconds :)

I love living life with you!