Thursday, May 31, 2007

Freakshow: Reunion Tour

Vacation tomorrow! Thank the Lord. Really, I just want to be somewhere cool with a cup of hot coffee chatting with family and friends. I want a couple of days at the overpriced Disney empire, watching the utter JOY that What Not To Wear has when talking to the princesses. I want to watch Dirty Job sitting in Grammy's sink, taking a bath. I am looking forward to a date with My Deadliest Catch - it's been way WAY too long.

I will miss the freak show, though. We just had a reunion dinner tonight (Corporal Cutie and Captain Mom were out of town for a couple of weeks), and all the freaks were in full form. It made me laugh and appreciate my children and my friends all the more. What will we do without them for a week? Not to worry, we have the rest of the summer together AND passes to the Waterpark, where I'm sure many an adventure will be had. Bring on the sunscreen...