Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's My Reality

After being introduced to a few blogs by my dear friend, Captain Mom, WE (CM and I) have decided to co-host a blog. We are quite amused by our lives and if only the two of us ever read this thing, it will still make us laugh until one of us pees or blows coffee out their nose (and being that CM doesn't drink coffee, we know who that'd be).

What should we talk about? Do we need a mission statement? Do we know how to navigate our way through creating a blog? I guess we're here to talk about anything and everything...motherhood, marriage, emotional eating, our relationship with the Lord, the ups and the down on the scale of life. Many of our days include tears, but I believe there are just as many that come from laughter as there are that come from grief. So here we are, getting real, about our lives. And if we can't navigate our way through, we'll laugh about that, too.

After much deliberation over IM and Sonic drinks, I'd like to introduce my family: My husband, The Deadliest Catch (the love I have for him may kill me someday); my daughter, What Not To Wear (evidence to be posted later); my son, Dirty Jobs (he's 2 - need I say more); and me, The Amazing Racer...not that I'm amazing, but I'm a racer, and the race I'm in IS amazing.


Captain said...

I love, love, love it!!!