Sunday, May 13, 2007

Time for Reflection

I find myself in a reflective mood this Mother's Day. I began my day with a phone call from Major Hunk. He awoke me early to ensure he was able to use the phones before they got too busy. Last night I went to bed after receiving a mother's day gift from him in the mail. He is so thoughtful. He has made sure that each of my Mother's Days have not gone unnoticed. As we chatted this morning, the realization hit me that he has been away for both Mother's Days since Corporal Cutie was born. And so began my day of reflection...

Major Hunk has been deployed for the past year. He will be deployed for another 9 - 12 months. I began to reflect on what he has really missed since he has been gone. I can't list them all, because it would be really depressing. He has missed most of the major milestones in his first child's life. Thankfully, he was here for her birth and the first 4 months of her life. But, I think what amazes me most is the connection that they have despite the separation. I pray that the Lord will draw them close and knit their hearts together. The world says, "How sad, she doesn't even know him." But, through the mercy of a loving God, she does know her daddy. Thank you God.
As I sat tonight and reflected on my 2 Mother's Days, I was struck how big the Cutie has gotten. I sat and watched her play. I watched as a little girl explored her world. She climbed onto and off of the couch. She turned on her musical rocker and climbed on. She ran and she ran and she ran. She talked to me, to Gramma, to the dog. She found the car charger for the cell phone and searched and searched for a place to plug in on the the stereo. I found myself wondering...If I wasn't watching so vigilantly, just waiting for something new to report to the Major...would I have missed it? Would I miss the daily reminders of how fast she is growing and changing? Would I have missed the quirks of her personality that make her so uniquely her? I think I might.

I pray that I don't forget when this deployment is over. I pray that I am not so busy living my life that it passes me by.

Lord, thank you for this deployment. Thank you for the daily reminders of the wonderful man I am blessed to share my life with. Thank you for the little girl you have entrusted to my care. Lord, I pray that I remember. When I brush off a hug because I am busy or tired, remind me of the months with out feeling my husbands arms. When I want to ignore MH because I am angry or frustrated, remind me of the days when I didn't get to hear his voice. And when I am sick of hearing CC whine, remind me of the smile in her daddy's voice when he could hear her over an 8000 mile phone call. Give us strength to complete this mission and to grow and change as You lead. In the name of Jesus.


LessOfUs said...

Great post. Thank you for the reminders to appreciate my family.