Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Traveling - Local and Beyond.

A few weeks back our family of 4 went camping with our high school youth group. My Deadliest Catch and I work with the youth, and we just brought our kids along for the ride. Some things about camping:

  • Camping at "That time" requires a careful watch on your attitude. I did not do so well with that.
  • Teens and 4 year olds both enjoy flotation devices for the water with the same enthusiasm.
  • Camping in April local to where we live gets to be a little warm in the day and chilly at night.
  • S'mores. Hello, lover.
  • Campfire with teens is so much fun. Especially when Dinoboy falls.
  • One of our teens (who totally is amazing) carried an entire tree of firewood. She is one strong girl!
  • The stars. How can you not believe in a Creator when looking at the stars. Breathtaking.
  • My family was the only people who used the first aid kit. All 3 of them.


Pollyanna said...

So fun!! I love camping...for one or MAYBE two nights. Then I like my own bed. But I do like to get in the dirt and play a bit.

You guys are so awesome. I bet it was a great time for the youth as well as your family.

Holly said...

First aid kit...all of them? SHOCKING!! :)