Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cpt. Adorable has Arrived!

Cpt Mom had an oh-so-speedy delivery. The little guy was born at 12:38am, weighing in at 4lbs 11oz. He is 19 inches long and has a very active set of lungs - Praise God! The Lord has answered our prayers with many yes' this evening/early morning and we are so, so grateful. He is so, so adorable.

Mama looks amazing, and seeing her hold that sweet thang just made my heart burst!

Please be praying for good sucking reflex for baby, maintenance of his strong lungs, and a fabulous introduction between him and the Cutie later on this morning. We want a healthy baby that can go home with Cpt Mom!

I'll post a picture later on (when I have one on my camera).


Elizabeth said...

Wow!!! Welcome to the world, little boy!! I will definitely continue praying for him. Praise God for his lungs!!!