Monday, May 18, 2009

CPT Adorable is home

I know I haven't updated on here much since our little guy's arrival.  My hospital and back home schedule were really hectic.  I have to say that it provided a nice transition though.  I was able to get some really good snuggle time with my little guy in and lots of one on one time with him before I had to share him with the world.  I was also able to spend a little more one on one time with the Cutie before we rocked her world just one more time.  I also had some quiet time to process.

The baby is doing great!  On Thursday I was able to bring him home.  He has fit into our family just perfectly.  His sister is a perfect mix of loving and adorableness and melting down freakiness.  She is having some obvious transitions, but overall, she is so happy to have him home.  She loves her baby.  Although, last night she asked me if we could get a different baby who was bigger so he could play with her :)

We go to our first dr appt this morning to check his weight.  I think he will gained as he has been eating really well the past 2 days.  He is a healthy little guy.  Even though he is still a month away from being considered a "term" baby, he doesn't know it.  He is keeping his own temperature, requires no oxygen and is feeding without any difficulties.  These are all typical problems with 34 week babies, and we have seen no residual effects.  Thank you all for your prayers!  Our God is so faithful.

When we were in the hospital, I kept singing him a song.  I hope to find the cd- if I could just figure out which cd it is on.  It is a veggie tales song about David and Goliath.  The chorus says, "Little guys can do big things too."  I can't wait to see what other exciting adventures the Lord has in store for his life.  I just know it's going to be great.  I mean, it must be, right?  He couldn't wait to get out here and get started...

Pictures to come soon.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy he's home!!! :)

Holly said...

So glad the transition is going smoothly and he's doing so well.

Like Cutie, I remember a time when I wanted to trade in my little brother, too :)

Amazing Racer said...

He is such a champ.

I am so in love - thank you for sharing life with us!