Thursday, May 14, 2009

Like Papa, Only Smaller

My Dad, at 5'6" wouldn't seem very intimidating. But to my 6'1" husband, he was...and sometimes still is. Some of my early childhood memories include my dad doing the demolition derby at the local fair, singing with my sister and I while he played the guitar, playing pranks while driving, and very passionately coaching my brother's baseball games. And by "passionately coaching" I mean he was ejected from more than one game during all star season. For my adult life, one of my Dad's pastimes has been drag racing his '55 Chevy that was originally bought to restore and go cruising. That lasted all of 6 weeks until he took out the back seat, added a roll cage and dropped a sweet engine in it. Don't ask me what kind...I have no clue. All that to say, I love my Dad's sense of adventure.
Quite a few years back, my Dad "retired" roller coaster riding because the coaster at the NYNY Hotel in Las Vegas freaked him out. I gotta say, that is a good one to retire on. However, since having grandchildren, he has been willing to jump on most Disneyland rides. The kids love that Papa will ride these with them, and that he always approaches them with much enthusiasm.
The picture above is myself, my Dad, the kids and Hubs as we plummet down Splash Mountain. You'll notice that my dad is the one with his arms way up in the air with the water splashing him in the face. And if you look two seats up, you'll find my son doing the same thing.
I hope he always takes on life this exact way.


Anonymous said...

I think you are safe with that wish. Your son is definitely an adventurer--and I love it!!! Who else would want a tree house if not to crawl up and jump from it--ooooor, maybe tie a rope and swing down from the rope?
Hope I'm there to see it.
Gma K

CPT Mom said...

I suspect in the future you can write a post called, "Like Papa, only bigger..."

I love that.

And I love the effect that grandkids have on our dads... and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome post! I think I am safe in saying the adventurer spirit did not skip a generation in going from Papa to your son...his mama has her own "hands up in the air" moments too!!! One of the qualities that make you so beautifully captivating! And one reason among so many why I love being your friend!