Monday, October 1, 2012

Weighing in for the 3rd time.

Week 2 is complete and I feel like I made some good progress.  I struggled at the beginning of the week and one day I just said "I don't care" and ate at Sonic.  Then I was offered some cookies and I ate those too.  I was frustrated with myself and it took me about a day and a half to recover, but I did it.  I was proud of myself for not giving up.  I have a history in my weight loss journey of giving up when I feel defeated.  But I pushed through and had some really good days as well.

Some victories:  I drank more water.  I ate within my points most days.  I found some yummy recipes on pinterest that are low points and are helping me get out of the cooking rut I was in.  I found a couple of healthy choices at the gas station where I stop in for bathroom and drink breaks, so I have some good options if I am hungry and needing something to eat.

To work on this week:  Keep at it.  Add some exercise.

Last week's weight:  185.5
Today's weight:        184.0
Difference:                  -1.5