Monday, September 24, 2012

Weigh in: Duece

I want to reflect on this first week a little to have documentation for myself.  The first week back on ww was powerful for me.  The first 2 days I went over my points and I was feeling discouraged with myself.  I made myself write down all of the points I ate even when I went over for accountability's sake.  I also reminded myself that messing up does not need to ruin my entire journey.

This week's victories:
*I drank almost 5 glasses of water per day.
*I ate within my points for 5 days this week and used 26 extra weekly points.
*I was out of town for 3 days.  In the past this would have given me reason enough to eat whatever I wanted.
*I feel like I made the first steps in changing my relationship with food.

Weigh in:    185.5
Last week:  189.5

This week's results:  -4 pounds.                Yay!

Next week's goals:
-drink more water
-stay within points
-make some ww friendly meals for my family