Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An update of sorts

I like to keep both our readers updated, you know :)

  • While still having contractions on a daily basis, I have not had any regular pattern or any activity that has been concerning since Easter Sunday.  I wonder what it will say about this little guy's personality if he decides to stay put after all this??
  • Our girl is getting a speech evaluation this week.  The girl's got language covered.  She talks and talks...and talks.  But, she does have some sound production issues I want to have looked at.  And I won't lie, I am interested in some free preschool if she qualifies :)
  • Our family went to Sea World this weekend.  I have always loved amusement parks.  But, watching my daughter experience it was a special kind of beautiful.
  • Our truck broke down last week.  That cost a fortune.  Good times...
  • And the biggest news of all...Major Hunk and I have narrowed the name list to 3 possibilities.  This baby will have a name!
Other than these oh-so-exciting things, I continue to wait on the Lord.  With a new addition coming soon and all the changes that will bring, the enemy is really trying to induce fear in my life.  I will not succumb.  Yes, we still do not have full time income.  Our very small income is about to decrease by half when I stop working in 3 weeks.  And our budget will need to increase to account for the baby.  I am not even going to think about the medical bills...  But, my God has a plan.  None of this has taken Him by surprise.  He knows every step that my family is going to take in the next day, week, year and lifetime.  And even though when I list it all out here, it overwhelms me.  I will not live my life in fear.  My God has already claimed the victory and I will continue to stand (or allow Him to hold me up, depending on the day) and wait on Him to reveal His plan.  

And I know it's going to be good.  So much better than we could do on our own.


Holly said...

The sole purpose of our San Diego trip was for Nick to go to SeaWorld (before the trip was canceled). How funny it would have been to run into you there :)

You're walking your winding road beautifully, my friend. Your husband and your children are blessed to have you in their lives.

Praying for God to bring peace in the storm.

Amazing Racer said...


And I think any of the 3 names will be fab.

And just so you know, Gma K tried to comment. And couldn't. Because she is tech saavy and I am, too.

Randomness. I know.