Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Little Romance

So, it's Sunday morning and I should be getting ready for church. "Getting ready" can get crazy around these parts. We go to a pretty casual church, so it's not like I have to find my best dress or anything, it's just the franticness of getting 4 of us out the door with teeth and hair brushed, extra wipes and a pull up, and all the other stuff. You know how it is to get our your door sometimes. That's how it is every Sunday.

Not this Sunday. This Sunday I am listening to the birds chirp and enjoying the coolness that is our extended Spring. I'm allowing myself to be swept up in the fact that this extended Springtime (seriously, we usually have 1 Spring day, then it gets hot and we have some cool evenings) is a gift to me. From God. At a time when my heart just needed something to be swept away in. And I didn't even know it.

I'm breathing deep, smiling, knowing I've already had church this morning. In the truest sense - where my relationship with God meets my reality in life.

I think I'm in love.