Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make him strong, Lord.

Well, I will avoid posting too much information here, because most of my readers know me in real life and have been kept up to date with texts and phone calls. But, for those of you who have not heard and just to document this crazy time in my life:

Monday at 2am, my water broke spontaneously. At 33 1/2 weeks. I was in complete denial. I kept trying to convince myself (and others) that I had just wet myself. Even when the triage nurse told me to be prepared to stay in the hospital if my water was broken, I couldn't think of even one thing to take to the hospital when you are having a baby. We had a whole suitcase when we delivered the Cutie, yet I couldn't think of even one thing. I called my bff to come stay with the Cutie and when we left I told her we would probably be back in a couple of hours when they determined I had, in fact, peed my pants. Well, long story short, I had not. My water was broken. My husband went into action and started making a list of all the things that need to be done before we can bring the baby home. (I have, of course, not done anything to prepare for bringing this baby home yet.) He asked me what else needed to be done. Again, I couldn't think of even one thing. I don't know if I was in denial or just shock, but I could not wrap my mind around the fact that this baby is coming out of me.

So, here I am in the hospital. I will be here until baby boy has made his arrival into the world. Tests have been run:

  • His lungs are immature. The steroids are running their course and by tomorrow morning, I will be in the "steriod window" where we will have past the first milestone that my doctor really wanted to acheive. Good job, baby boy!
  • The ultrasound shows that all his systems look good. His heart is pumping strong. His kidneys look good. Fluid levels are still in the safe range. And most exciting, the ultrasound determines that his approximate weight is about 5 pounds! That is a great weight for this stage.
  • And I have not begun any cervical effacing or dialating.

So, the goals for now are that I stay put in the hospital until this baby is born- hopefully the end of next week or later. I need to stay infection free in order to provide a safe home for him to reside. And, I need to stay in the bed to avoid a contraction pattern.

I am so thankful that the hospital brought me this laptop to borrow while I stay here. Everyone is so kind and gracious. Friends and family have brought me everything I could ever need and provided lots of hours of visits to keep the boredom away. Major Hunk and Cpl Cutie have been having a great time together. Things have been going really smoothly for them at home. We have had so many prayers lifted up on our behalf. I can feel the peace of the Lord surrounding us. I will try to keep posting updates as we get any new information.

On a lighter note, we are getting closer to giving this little guy a name. And, today the bff bought our little guy a onesie in honor of our little blog. It says Captain Adorable. So, even though it totally breaks rank and is all wrong from a military standpoint, we may have to adopt this pseudoname for now. Now that this little guy is becoming more real, he really does deserve a name.

I will be back another time to post less about the informational stuff and more about the personal journey I am experiencing as we walk through this uncertain time in our lives.


Elizabeth said...

I am praying so hard and so often for you!!! What a terrifying situation. BIG HUGS. Please keep me updated. Do you have facebook? Where you post regular updates??? If you do, I'm on there at elizabeth55750 at yahoo.

Again, praying!!!

Amazing Racer said...

I triple heart you.

And I'm seriously in love with Cpt Adorable. Especially his possible IRL name sent to me by his dad.

See you in the morning. BTW, your shelf rocks.