Tuesday, September 16, 2008

checkin' in

Well, it's been over a week, so I think I better check in for some accountability. Sorry to bore you all with my weight loss journey, but it's where I am at. I thought it was getting boring to write about, so I stopped. Consequently, I also stopped losing weight and doing the things I needed to do to get healthy. So, feel free to skip this post if it bores you.

These were my goals:

  • cut soda consumption down to one a day. umm, not so good here.
  • exercise at least 4 times. consistently 3 times per week.
  • take measurements so I can track inches lost as well as pounds. I did it.
Alright, so I made it halfway with my goals. Things I have done well:
  • Had four straight days of tracking my points and staying within my daily points.
  • Drank 4 to 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Have taken an assortment of aerobic classes and have loved some of them. I really get excited about going to the gym for some of these classes. (quite miraculous for me)
Things I still need to work on:
  • Continuing all of the above goals.
  • Cutting down on soda.
  • Getting to a weight watchers meeting every week.
Since I have been exploring different exercise styles over the past few weeks, I am wondering, "What else is out there?" What types of things do you like to do to get your exercise on? Leave me a comment.


Holly said...

The Biggest Loser Cardio DVD is a great workout and you can customize it to your own level. Keep up the great work!!

Amie said...

I have been walking my dogs (does 2 days in a row count for consistency?!!?)and find I walk further and quicker :) because of taking them. Should you want to borrow one of my pack, I will lovingly oblige!

Amie said...

I meant to say "congratulations for accomplishing so much!" I am admiring you and thinking you will be some of my motivation tonight when I am tired and don't want to "get up and get moving"! Thanks friend!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am impressed that you found any sort of exercise to motivate you...it is always such a chore for me. I wish I were one of those girls that just loved it, but I'd rather curl up and read a good book. Too bad that doesn't count as weight loss!